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SSCP Young Person Conference - 29.01.2020

72 young people from Sunderland attended our conference on 29th January 2020 - click here to see the photographs from the photo booth.

Photos from conference

Photos from conference

Photos from conference

Photos from conference

Photos from conference

We asked Young People to design a poster/video to outline the risks and benefits of social media, we received some brilliant artwork and the winning entry is below (click on image to open as a pdf).

Winning Poster

SSCB Children's Conference - 20.06.19

Our 1st Children’s Conference was held at the Stadium of Light on 20.06.19 and 89 children from 21 local primary schools attended.  Children aged from eight to 11 took part in a range of interactive workshops on topics including online safety by Knetic Education, emotional resilience by CAMHS and healthy relationships by Barnardos

We asked children to rate what their biggest concerns were and the results are:

Bullying – 46%, Feeling safe – 23%, Social Media – 16%, Mental Health – 15%


CAMHS WorkshopClosing speechConference1

ConferenceEmotional ResilienceEmotional Healthy relationshipsOnline safetySunderland Mind worry treeSunderland Carer

Baby Shark2Emotional 2

The entries for our poster competition:

Poster competition3Poster competition2Poster competition1

And the winner...

Competition winnerWinning Poster

View the photographs from the photobooth here.

SSCB Young Person Conference - 10.10.18

Our Young Person Conference was held on Wednesday 10th October 2018 and over 60 young people (aged 11-16)attended.  We asked what makes them feel safe, what their biggest safeguarding concerns are and what they think agencies and the LSCB can do to minimise their concerns.  Workshops were held by Barnardos, Washington Mind, Youth Drug & Alcohol Project (YDAP) and Knetic Education.

ML welcome speech

Welcome Speech

Take a look at our video here - thank you to students from Sunderland College who did this for us.

We used the young people's comments on what makes them feel safe and what makes them feel unsafe to build a wall.

Grafitti Wall

We also asked them to rate which issue affects them the most and the results of this were:

Feeling safe on the streets – 58%, Homelessness - 24%, Education - 10%, Lack of youth provision - 8%


View all of the photographs from the photobooth here.


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