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Young carers

Young Carers

What is a young carer?

A young carer is a person aged between 4 and 25 who helps to look after someone in the family at home because they are disabled, have been ill for a long time, have a mental health problem or a problem with alcohol or drugs. They may care alone or as part of a family.

What do young carers do?

A young carer may spend time doing things like cooking, cleaning and shopping. They may also give medicines and tablets to the person they look after or help them to wash or get dressed. Some may help their brothers or sisters to get dressed and take them to school. Some young carers may not do any of these things but they may worry about the person with the illness or disability.

Because of doing these things young carers can sometimes feel tired and not always be able to concentrate on their school work or homework, or they can be worried or feel stressed.

What is the young carer's card?

The young carer's card is for young carers who are having problems at school because they are looking after someone at home.

Young carers can carry the card with them at school and they can show the card to teachers when they are having problems.

The card is for young carers who are unable to or find it difficult to:

  • arrive at school on time
  • stay after school without earlier warning
  • finish homework on time

or need to:

  • carry a mobile phone (on silent) so they can keep in contact with the person they care for
  • leave early so they can collect young brothers or sisters

To request a Young Carers Card:

  • Download our leaflet below, fill out your details and return the form to your school.
  • Your school will then send the form on to Together for Children (contact details are included on the form). They will also need to supply a digital photography of you for use on your card.
  • Once we have your completed form and digital photograph, Together for Children will process the card and return it to your school for collection.


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Members of the SSCB Business Unit staff supporting Sunderland Carers Centre on Young Carers Awareness Day - 31.01.2019.


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